A quick sketch of Uta Henrich's book: Jenseits aller Erziehungsvorstellungen | By Ida Henrich

Jenseits aller Erziehungs- vorstellungen

What I did: art direction | character design | illustration | book design | cover illustration | cover design

What the client needed

Clients Wundersames Lernen approached me with a series of short stories around the theme of child-rearing and education requiring colourful and engaging artwork that would catch the eye of their clients. To create their first short story book, clients Wundersames Lernen required 10 colourful illustrations that conveyed the essence of the stories within the German flash fiction book, as well as the cover art, design, typesetting and book layout. The project required a close relationship with the author and editor to create a consistent literary and visual experience.

My part of the project

I was inspired by German short storybooks to create ‘picture book’ like illustrations that would add a modern fairytale twist. To start an illustration, I would discuss the individual short stories with the client and then create sketches to match the visuals discussed. The line drawing for this series is analogue and the colouring digital. The fence on the cover art was based around the idea of being within and outside of the cultural ‘norm’ and challenges the readers to think about what is within, and outside of the ‘fence’.

For the design of the book, I wanted to create a traditional looking book that would both work well as an E-book and physical copy.