Donate blood and stem cells, Get a Life Magazine

What I did: Idea generation, research, design, graphic design, illustration & signed up for Anthony Nolan

What the client needed

I designed and drew this artwork for Get A Life  Magazine which has recently been launched in early 2021. Get A Life looks at life with cancer during the Covid-19 pandemic and the way that creativity can empower people when facing illness.

I began the creative process by creating the layout and lettering on InDesign and then used this as a starting point for my illustration. I love the visual of red and white blood cells bouncing around inside us, doing their thing. I wanted to create an illustration which celebrates positive-life-power energy of blood. A little bit of blood and stem cells can save another person life, after all…

Since having started working on this illustration I have also signed up for Anthony Nolan’s stem cell register. I’m #lifesaverready ;-) Blood is an amazing liquid which keeps us alive.

donate blood and stem cells | Image by Ida Henrich