Honeytrap Bakery, Mural & Signwriting

What I did: mural design, mural painting, graphic design, sign writing

What the client needed

Honeytrap Bakery Ltd approached me with a mural and signwriting project. Honeytrap is an expanding plant-based bakery based in Glasgow with a focus on flavours, joy and craft. Honeytrap has quickly gained popularity because of its wonderful ability in making vegan pastry and buns taste delicious and fun social media presence.

They asked for a personalised version of my Scottish Thistle design to decorate the space behind their counter.  Honeytrap wanted the artwork to create a happy and joyful environment for their staff and customers, in line with their personable and fresh brand.  Furthermore, they were looking for their logo to be hand-painted on their yellow shopfront.

My part of the project

I designed the thistles wall painting as a joyful and exciting backdrop to the bakery shop counter. The thistles and forget-me-not sprout within a round circle and beyond and have ladybirds dancing all over creating an abstract pattern. The hand-painted circle gives the busy design a clean and modern boundary for the colours to stand out against the white wall. The colours were handpicked within the space to ensure the finished outcome looking its best. Beyond the mural, further ladybirds can be found around the shop as a little surprise for visitors of all ages.

I used traditional techniques to paint Honeytrap’s logo on the shopfront using signwriters enamel. Honeytraps brand colour being sunshine yellow and black, we decided on the logo and a legible and modern sans serif font for “cake & pastry”.

Closeup of Bakery Honeytrap mural graffiti showing a ladybird on a thistle plant surrounded by forget-me-not flowers_©Ida Henrich
Closeup of Bakery Honeytrap mural showing a ladybird on a thistle plant surrounded by forget-me-not flowers_©Ida Henrich

We‘ve always been a fan of Ida’s work and when we finally knew we’d be getting the keys to our first shop it was a no brainer that we had to get her in.


Ida has been working incredibly hard on this mural for our shop and we could not be happier that we will get to look at it everyday!


Honeytrap bakery mural grafitti in Glasgow's Shawlands area. Honeytrap bakery is a plant based vegan shop

We highly highly recommend