Castlehead School of Creativity mural

What I did: mural design, mural painting, graphic design, hand lettering, painting on rough cast, mural planning

What the client needed

Clients the Glasgow School of Art were looking for an Artist to deliver a mural at their partnering school in Paisley as a 50th Birthday gift. Castlehead has been named School of Creativity and was looking for an artwork which would showcase the creativity with all of the different subjects taught within the school and based on feedback from pupils. They were looking for colourful artwork, including rainbows and incorporating their vision for the digital and inclusive future.

My part of the project

To begin the project I visited the school and identified a suitable wall with Mrs Fraser, which would be a good location for school photographs and also brighten up the courtyard. Based on the design inspiration from the pupils and the school, I created a variety of rough sketches for us to discuss. Based on the feedback, I created a final rendering of the artwork.

Once the design was signed off, I organised the materials for the projects and began the 10-11 days of painting. The wet weather and roughcast walls extended the usual painting times and materials required.

The mural was launched during the school’s 50th Anniversary concert and has been received very warmly by the students, staff at the school, and also its funders at GSA.