Report illustration & design | Fearlessly CIC

What I did: art direction | illustration | graphic design | report design | data visualisation

Sketches for a research report which include a light bulb, magnifying glass, notepad, clipboard, Ipad, exam paper, pencil and pencil case. The sketches were drawn with an ink pen, scanned in and coloured blue. The sketches are a useful tool in the marketing mix because of their versatility. | Artwork by Ida Henrich

My part of the project

I particularly enjoy making research visually exciting because it can bring real change. To make the numbers more accessible, I incorporated vibrant colours and hand-drawn icons into the report published by Fearlessly (then Fearless Femme). The complete impact report was sent to the Scottish Government, where it received a positive response.

For the hero image within the report, I created a large detailed illustration that could be sliced into small sections for individual social media posts and website hero images. Using the artwork in this diverse way not only made this a very valuable asset but also helped create consistent research branding.

Large sketch comprised of organically drawn graphs, pie charts, reports, a researcher and more. This artwork was created to be cut up into numerous research themed crops.