Magazine Design, Fearlessly CIC

What I did: magazine design, graphic design, experimentation, typesetting, layout

My part of the project

As Art Editor, I used the downtime during the editorial cycle at Fearlessly to experiment with layout and design ideas. When time would allow, I would seek inspiration, try things out and then imagine an opposite to achieve unique and surprising magazine spreads. Working as part of a team, we choose the colour palette and discussed my experimental layouts together, making this an enjoyable part of the creative process.

Who is Fearlessly?

Fearlessly is a government funded mental health project and magazine that aims to destigmatise mental health and encourages creativity. The online magazine is read in over 177 countries.

Magazine design is an essential part of creating a publication. It can make or break stunning editorial content within the crowded market. It requires high attention to detail, a good sense of layout and innovative problem-solving.

24 thumbnails showing different design layout experiments using Ida Henrich's own illustrations

Experimental magazine layouts