Project 2035, Childcare in England, 3rdHorizons

What I did: art direction | illustration | visual conceptualisation | toolkit graphic design | research visualisation

Project 2035 logo | Designed by Ida Henrich

What the client needed

Client, 3rdHorizon, approached me looking for artwork illustrating their web-based scenario analysis and printed toolkit, which they were producing for The Staff College. The research-based project explores the future for the care sector in England between now and 2035 and required appropriate artwork. The illustrations would also provide content for both social and news media. It necessitated working closely with the client and flexibility to ensure the project’s delivery.

My part of the project

After an initial meeting with the client, I used their wish list as a starting point for a project proposal. The tight timescale required frequent communication with the client and web designer to produce the following: a large hero image, over 50 small illustrations, a project logo and a driver diagram. After delivering this project, 3rdHorizons asked me to help with their toolkit design.