Horizons Research – Branding and illustration

What I did: Developed a brand identity and style, icon design, method illustration and visualisation, continous visual support

What the client needed

In 2021 I became an associate at Horizons Research and support the Glasgow based business with all things visual. Horizons Research was looking for Art Direction, Graphic Design and Illustration to help them build a visually consistent brand. I worked along with their web designer, Paul Hart, to develop the new website. As an Associate, I can focus on continuously supporting the team and creating an up to date and visually exciting website.

The founder Robert Rae was looking for illustrations that would express Horizons Research unique and personable approach to research.

My part of the project

To begin the design process I met with Robert Rae to speak about the personality he would like to express within the illustration and to learn more about the different methods used. He was looking for artwork that shows the people involved and the human side of his business. I choose a neat but sketchy comic style for the brand to allude to idea generation and attention to detail, but also flexibility and continuous improvement.