Protest poster, Global Citizen

What I did: Graphic design, layout, illustration

What the client needed

Global Citizen approached me looking for an A2 poster design for the Global Day of Action march, to be printed on biodegradable and recycled board by local printers. They were looking for a design that would be hopeful, colourful and striking to help activists from Brighten to Glasgow call for action.

Photo credit: Global Citizen

My part of the project

Starting with the message, font and lettering, I created illustrations and shapes which would bring out and highlight the call to action. The colour palette was based around the green and blue branding around COP26 which I softened and expanded to create a less corporate feel. I paid particular attention to incorporating Global Citizen’s QR code in an organic yet, large way. I was extremely proud to see this poster in action at the march!

I was also thrilled to see Ellie Goulding holding up this poster at COP26 to call for action.