Sensor-Wiesbaden, cover art, Mar’20

What I did: editorial illustration, respond to a brief & visual idea generation

What the client needed

For their March Issue, Sensor-Wiesbaden required an artwork exploring the theme of handing the family business to the next generation. They asked for a colourful artwork that would draw the eyes as well as sending out a positive message. The magazine has a print run of 20.5k and will be available in Wiesbaden throught March 2020.

When Sensor Magazine contacted me, I instantly thought of a stunning car garage I recently visited in Germany. The family garage looked like a Bruce Sprinksten music-video-set! It’s a great feeling when you find something that inspires you, and actually get to use it for work. You might notice the red waste-oil-gravity-drainer on the bottom left, isn’t it amazing?

Image of a car garage with staff and family. Cover | Artwork ©Ida Henrich | Mar 19